"My husband has been going to Dr. Harris for twenty-plus years for lower back problems. The treatments have allowed him to live pain free and keep his active lifestyle.

I began treatment with Dr. Harris, Feb. 2014 for a very painful pinched nerve in my shoulder. My left arm was totally numb. His customized treatment not only helped the specific problem but also helped my overall physical condition.

After the pinched nerve healed, I continued on a "maintenance" program to keep everything functioning properly. As a result, I have better balance. I am walking easier and faster. I have more energy than I did prior to treatment.

Also, I have Type II, Diabetes, which Dr. Harris uses his Acupuncture treatment on the pressure points. As a result, I have seen lower blood sugar numbers.

Dr. Harris looks at the "whole picture". He customizes your treatment, depending on your needs. He gives your whole body a New Lease on Life.

Anytime I hear someone complain about back pain, I immediately tell them what Dr. Harris has done for me and that he can do the same for them."

S. McDonald

"Dr. Harris is wonderful! I have been going to Dr. Harris for ten plus years. I have Scoliosis and with Dr. Harris' expertise he has kept my Scoliosis to where I can function normally. While living in California many years ago, I was fortunate enough to find a Chiropractor that uses a technique with an instrument called an Activator. My Doctor in California taught me that it is very important to locate a Chiropractor that has an "Advanced Proficiency Rating" using this technique. When we moved back to Texas I was able to locate Dr. Harris' office feeling very comfortable that I was going to someone who was knowledgeable and experienced using the Activator. Dr. Harris is very caring and works diligently to do all he can to help me live a normal life, even though I have this advanced condition. I recommend Dr. Harris highly to anyone seeking a good Chiropractor. I have been to many Chiropractors in my years and I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Harris."

D. Morton 

"Many years ago I was in a car accident and suffered a severe whiplash along with back spasms. Made an appt. with Dr. Harris and he treated me over several visits  and got me on my feet again. (The great news is without having to have surgery.) Then recently I injured my lower back. Although I did not live in Allen any longer that did not keep me from going back to Dr. Harris. He's the BEST!!!! I highly recommend Harris Chiropractic."   L. Hughes

"I have been to Dr. Harris multiple times and have been very pleased. Highly recommend."   C. Slavonik

"I have been going to Dr. Harris for several years with a severe back problem. I find he is an excellent Doctor and has helped me considerably. I give him full credit for keeping me on my feet and out of a wheel chair. When I started seeing Dr. Harris I was practically invalid and he has really given me my life back. I really can't say enough good things about him."    B. Sellers 

"Harris Chiropractic is Great!! They have always done a great job and the prices were reasonable"  R. Hug

"I have been treated by Dr. Harris since 2004 and have always found him to be a kind and most competent chiropractor. I began going to him because of  a nagging painful back pain between my shoulder blades that wasn't relieved with my OTC medications. He evaluated me at the time and found arthritis and a scoliosis in my upper back. His gentle compressions and his use of an activator helped me immediately. An activator is an adjusting instrument that delivers a gentle impulse to the spine. He never promoted any kind of medications or plans and just stuck to fixing my problem. Soon afterwards I began teaching two senior adult exercise classes, one at the Allen Senior Recreation Center and the other at the Natatorium. Dr. Harris has treated me for any and all problems that occurred during this time including a rather severe hamstring injury, hip and shoulder problems and pre and post- operative adjustments. He has kept me going. I continue to see him monthly for the adjustment of my scoliosis. Dr. Harris evaluates me each time, looking at my previous treatment history and asking what gives me aches and pains that day. His treatments have allowed me to have a great quality of life and at the age of 70, I still am teaching my classes and taking Zumba also. Thanks Dr. Harris."

G. Allen

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